Infrared Thermography (Hot Spot Identification)

Infrared Thermography is to detect any anomaly in the operating temperature of Electrical Boards, Main Switchboards and MCCs to facilitate fault detection and preventive maintenance.

In all electrical systems, poor design, poor workmanship and faulty components can be located long before they become serious problem. Bad connections and overloaded situations are readily identified. Whether your facility is new or old,  Infrared Thermography can provide intangible savings in terms of lost production by minimizing outages and protection of assets against fire.

Mechanical inspections often require comparing similar pieces of equipment as well as considering their actual operating temperature. For example, in infrared, two identical motors operating under the same load should look alike. An impending failure will be evident in infrared. Early detection of a failing component allows for scheduled repairs and avoids costly downtime. Using the thermal scan camera, a technician can see whether or not the mechanical parts are operating within temperature design tolerances.

As the thermography report will show the exact area of the fault, no time or money is spent on elimination of non-faulty parts. Potential problems can be detected well in advance before the breakdown. Repair and maintenance can then be scheduled to suit your company’s need.

Typical loose connection at MCCB After tightening the cables

Through these preventive maintenance, it is possible to:

  • reduce equipment damage and prolong the lifespan

  • reduce outage risk and consequently production losses

  • reduce fire risk and consequently insurance premium

  • save cost

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