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Contracting Services

Design & Maintenance Services


We provide M & E engineering and contracting services for expansion & retrofit works for industrial clients such as Matsushita, Terasaki Electric, etc.

Samples of Engineering Services (pdf):

Matsushita Compressor & Motor
Terasaki Electric

Specialized Design Tools

We utilize a wide variety of computer-based tools to assist in providing details engineering services.


Our Design Tools


Infrared Thermography

MCCB with loose terminations



Loose terminations tightened


  • Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

  • Detection of "Hot Spots" - Overloaded circuits or loose terminations

  • Identify a problem before it becomes a failure, and schedule repair works during a planned shutdown

Auto-Reset ELR Panel

  • Automatically restore power after nuisance trippings!


Powertank UPS

  • Long-hours backup power supply system

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